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Replacement center console switch panels (three parts).


The Pathfinder 2300dv console consists of a 3-part switch panel setup.  There is a port side switch panel, starboard side switch panel, and a center switch panel.  This listing is for a blank port side switch panel, starboard side switch panel, and/or center switch panel.  You can purchase the blank panels independently or you can purchase the entire 3-part switch panel setup. 

Upgrade options are listed below and can be added during the next step; the design!  We recommend you purchase all three switch panels for the Pathfinder 2300dv console and let our design team come up with something custom and incredible for your boat and your needs.

After you complete the purchase of your switch panel(s) our design team will reach out to you to discuss any upgrades you would like to add to your order.


Why upgrade your switch panel to acrylic?  The answers are simple!

  1. Customization:  we can customize your new dash however you want us to.  Switches, circuit protection, logos, text etching, backlighting, phone chargers, etc. 
  2. UV resistance:  acrylic material is incredibly UV stable.  That means your new dash will last a very long time without showing signs of cracking or breaking down. 
  3. Impress your friends on Instagram & Facebook:  you've got a nice boat, so show it off! 

    Standard Options:

    Port and Starboard Switch Panel

    • 1/4" thick acrylic (many color options available)
    • Polished edges
    • 8"w x 3.63"h


    Center Switch Panel

    • 1/4" thick acrylic (many color options available)
    • Polished edges
    • 11"w x 1.88"h


    Upgrade Options:

    • Switches
    • Circuit protection
    • Logos
    • Text etching
    • Backlighting
    • Phone chargers
    • Hole cutouts
    • Hidden hardware
    • Endless possibilities!

    Can't find the exact product you're looking for?  CLICK HERE to inform us of a custom order you're interested in.