Weather-Resistant Foam Rubber Seal

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Marine grade EPDM foam rubber seals, D-shaped

  • Commonly used on livewell lids, doors, hatches, and compartments.
  • Incredibly easy Peel-n-Stick installation.
  • Resist water, sunlight, and ozone.
  • Hollow construction for more compressibility than solid seals. 
  • Softer and more flexible than other EPDM rubber seal.
  • Will effortlessly conform to uneven surfaces to shield against dust, noise, and vibration.
  • Closed-cell construction, which resists absorption.

    3M acrylic adhesive backing is more resistant to peeling and shearing than seals with a standard adhesive backing.  Use 3M acrylic adhesive backing when you need extra sticking strength to resist repeated impact, such as on a door or door frame. They create a permanent moisture barrier and airtight seal between the seal and the surface it’s stuck to, but only if you let the bond cure for 72 hours.