Key West 230 BR | Dash Panel Overhaul

230 br, dash, gloss black, gloss black acrylic, key west, panel, switch panel -

Key West 230 BR | Dash Panel Overhaul



Panel sketches provided by the customer for design reference.


Design sent to customer for approval. All dimensions were carefully verified to meet the specifications required by customer.

Up close look at the hidden studs installed on backside of panel.


Gloss black acrylic material.
Hidden Studs installed at the back for cleaner look around the panel edge without any fasteners visible in front of the dash.
Hole cutouts for all components, switches, breakers, power pole remote, stereo, and displays.


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  • Ryan O'Neal

    I’m the owner/operator of O’Neal Marine Services, and we upgraded this client to a single 12” Simrad NSS Evo3s at first. Then he asked it was possible to add another unit. Naturally I said, “Yes, of course!” The creativity began to flow. We had certain challenges to overcome with achieving this install. However Michael, at American Offshore, and I were able to work through it together.
    At the end of the day the client was astonished by his upgraded dash. I look forward to working with American Offshore again!

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