Contender 21 | Dash Panel Overhaul

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Contender 21 | Dash Panel Overhaul

Before Installation

Port Panel

Starboard Panel

Up-close look on the backlit Push Button Switches

Up-close look on the RPM Gauge and Voltmeter installed and provided by American Offshore


After Installation

2-part Gloss Black Acrylic material
Completely wired push button switches with 7' wiring harness terminated with heat shrink labels and ring terminals
Laser etched Contender Logo & Text labels are backlit with RGB LEDs controlled from phone
Stereo, VHF, RPM Gauge and Voltmeter are provided and installed by American Offshore
Hole cutout for the GPS


Similar Contender 21 Dash Project

2-part Gloss Black Acrylic material
Hidden Studs
Hole cutout for GPS and Stereo
Console opening with Gloss Black Acrylic Door, Latch and Piano Hinge

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