Thin Blue Line (Bass) Dad Cap

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"Don't touch that thermostat! And for Pete's sake, close the door behind you!" - You when you're wearing this cap.

Dads everywhere: show your support for our LEOs.

Paired with your comfy jean shorts, sporty crisp white tee and load bearing New Balances this dad hat is a mandatory part of your wardrobe.

Adjustable strap in the back so once you find the sweet spot you can tell your friends, "now that's snug and ain't goin' anywhere!"

Curved visor to allow just the right amount of grill smoke to linger while you grill some burgers for the kids in the backyard.

Hell, this dad cap can even get wet from your kids splashing you with water from your above-ground pool!

100% chino cotton twill
Adjustable strap with antique buckle