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Will be credited toward your REMAINING BALANCE of quoted price.

  All Custom Products include FREE domestic shipping.  This will be automatically included during checkout when you pay for the DESIGN DEPOSIT.
If you add other items to your shopping cart additional shipping charges will be calculated accordingly. 
P.S. Ensure you enter the correct SHIPPING address during checkout. 


Why are we asking you to pay a DESIGN DEPOSIT?  The answer is very simple - we want you to receive a perfect product!  Some designs are very easy and some designs are very complex, but we give extreme care and attention to detail with each design. 

Extreme care and attention to detail takes time and "time is money".  Everything we do is hand designed and manufactured in the United States and we all know US salaries are not cheap.  Your $10 design deposit shows us you are extremely interested in purchasing a custom product from us and are not attempting to have us design your product for free.    

At this point you're probably asking, "What's the process after I pay for this DESIGN DEPOSIT?"

  1.  After your design deposit order is placed an order number will be generated for you (Example: AO-2021).  You will reference your order number for the remainder of the custom design & manufacturing process.

  2.  Your DESIGN will be emailed to you within 2 business days after your design deposit order is placed.

  3.  If we knock the design out of the park and nothing needs to be changed then you can sign the AO Design Approval Form & pay your remaining balance.  If you need us to make changes to the design let us know you do not approve the design and inform us of the changes you want done.  

  4.  After you pay the remaining balance you can sit back & relax while we manufacture your custom product!

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Hofacker
Just makes sense.

You can’t expect AO to do a full design for nothing. Cost it transparent and upfront. A design deposit ensures the time spent designing your top quality product is covered.

$10 is an incredibly small price to pay for an awesome life-like design isn't it Keith? It really helps 'paint the picture' when you're upgrading your boat before you have to invest a larger amount of money for the final product. Glad you see the value in that Keith!

Thomas Gianetis
Switch panel


Thanks Thomas!

What are your thoughts on our AO Design Tool that you used to help design your very own custom switch panel?

Gary Baker
Switch panel review

I really like the switch panel. Would like to know if icons (labels) on switches are changeable. I have the push button switches

Thanks Gary!

Yes, the Bluewater laser etched caps are 100% customizeable so you can certainly swap out any of the caps you have with some new ones.

Shoot us an email/text so we can help you get some new icons on the switch(es) you want.

Thomas Fulton
Custom Touch

Fantastic design process and end result turned out better than I hoped. However, some switches were wired incorrectly and some mounting hardware was missing

Oh no! Shoot us an email Thomas and we'll get these issues resoled so we can turn this into a 5 STAR review?