Contura V Laser Etched Rocker Switch Cover (Red)

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Get rid of your old switch covers and replace them with our laser etched switch covers.
You'll upgrade the look of your boat, truck, car, RV and any other toys in a matter of SECONDS!

The laser etched areas of the switch cover allow light to travel through the switch cover from the light of the switch body,
all thanks to the translucent core of the switch cover. 

What's great about that?

Will our rocker switch covers fit your rocker switch bodies?

They should fit virtually all V-series rocker switch bodies, but they are slightly wider than basic rectangular printed switch covers so make sure you have room for these laser etched covers that measure 1.02" wide and 1.93" tall.

"How do I remove my old rocker switch covers?" 
- you, probably

The removal process of your old rocker switch covers is so incredibly simple and can be done in about 5 seconds per cover, but DON'T FORGET YOUR COVER REMOVAL TOOL!
(Click the image below)

Need a Custom Rocker Switch Cover?

*Stock covers ship within 3 business days*