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Isaac "Made A Wish" but it wasn't granted....

Let's make Isaac's wish come true!



This article is in no way, shape or form intending to belittle the Make A Wish Foundation.  The Make A Wish Foundation does tremendous things for other kids across the country and they tried to grant Isaac's wish, but they simply were not able to.  Here is where YOU come in to help!

Thank you to Neuse River Bait & Tackle in Grantsboro, NC for bringing this story to light and taking action.   

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The sale of EACH hat will generate a minimum of $14 that will be paid DIRECTLY to Isaac's family or his GoFundMe page.  So you know your hard earned money is going to a great cause here is our pricing structure:

  • $25 to purchase a hat
  • $7 to manufacture a hat
  • $4 to ship a hat

Any remaining profit balance will be paid DIRECTLY to Isaac's family or his GoFundMe page.

First, please take a moment to Pray for Isaac and his family.

Second, donate by purchasing one of our hats or by visiting the official Go Fund Me page here:  Isaac Wants a Pontoon to Fish w/ His Family  100% of the proceeds generated from the sale of these hats will go directly to Isaac's cause.

Third, share!

Fourth, keep track of his progress here:  Isaac's Story on Facebook


Here's Isaac's story via Mr. Todd Willis, organizer for this fundraiser:

On August 1st 2018, the lives of the Rodriguez family were drastically turned upside down with the sudden and abrupt discovery that Isaac had a large tumor and multiple other tumors in his brain. Right before this revelation, he was at an eye exam where the optometrist said he needed an immediate CT scan because his optical nerves were very swollen-which meant swelling or mass of the brain. His parents rushed him to Vidant Medical in Greenville NC. Moments after the scan, the ER doctor came in and said “Your son has a large tumor on his brainstem and needs immediate surgery.” The following morning, he had his first surgery. An EVD was placed through his skull, into his ventricles allowing the pressure and extra fluid to drain. The next day, after a 9 hour surgery where the surgeon removed the largest tumor, they heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear - It’s cancer.


On August 26th, Isaac made the 14 and half hour drive to St. Jude. His treatment plan was to receive 30 rounds of high dose radiation and 7 months of chemotherapy (3 of those being a new trial) for medulloblastoma. Just two days after arriving, Isaac developed a small rash. By the next day, the rash had spread, and started to blister. Isaac was diagnosed with Steven Johnson Syndrome after many labs came back negative. This is a severe, and rare disorder of the skin and mucous membranes caused by an allergic reaction to medication. Steven Johnson Syndrome causes the body to burn from the inside, out. He was allergic to his anti seizure medication. Just two days later, his entire body was covered with blisters and open lesions. The ICU team at St. Jude knew that he needed life saving skin treatments that they could not provide. He was life flighted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio where he spent almost three weeks in the Intensive Care Unit. The Steven Johnson Syndrome eventually consumed 100% of his body. He was then transferred to the Shriners Burn Center Hospital, also in Cincinnati. He had multiple surgeries receiving skin graphs that covered more that half of his body, and a feeding tube. He lost all ability to eat or drink and walk. The doctors were not optimistic of his survival. His parents were told to prepare themselves and their children that he would probably not make it. If by slight chance he did survive, they said he would be blind, deaf, unable to walk or talk, and have severe scarring all over his body. On September 19, the doctor came in and said “In all my years of treating patients with Steven Johnson, I’ve never seen a case as severe as Isaac’s.” In the same breath, he also said that he’s never seen anyone ever recover as quickly as Isaac. Jesse and Lynette looked at him and said, this is the the power of prayer. Through it all, he still smiled through the immense pain he was in. This alone shows how much life and love this child holds within. Steven Johnson Syndrome is absolutely one of the most painful things that can happen to a person.


Just when they thought that they were given the worst news, sadly, there is yet another hurdle for sweet Isaac. The chemotherapy has caused major damage to his bone marrow. He is now being referred to the hematology, and bone marrow failure team at St. Jude. There are still many unknowns as to where they go from here. All we know at this time, is that he will have a bone marrow biopsy and a skin biopsy to see if the damage is permanent, or if the chemo has caused mutations to the marrow that will require a different route for treating and helping renew the marrow to start working properly.


Isaac's cancer is maintaining its size and is not getting any bigger at this time, however Doctors and physicians have stopped all treatment. They have told the Rodriguez family that if his cancer grows or transitions into another area of his body their isn't anything that can be done due to Isaac's rare condition.     

So all that being said Isaac was introduced to the Make a Wish foundation. His wish was to have a pontoon boat for him and his family to all be able to enjoy fishing, even if he has to eventually use a wheelchair, he can still go.  Well, unfortunately, The Make a Wish foundation rejected his request because in this region they will not provide a boat with an engine larger than a 25hp. They also tried to get just a Pontoon boat without an engine but they wouldn't do that either. 

We sincerely need your help to make Isaac's wish happen! Any amount will help!  100% of every penny from these proceeds will go directly to that cause and nothing else!

Please help Isaac's wish come true with us...  No amount is too small. If you are unable to help financially, please keep this sweet boy, his doctors, and his family in your thoughts and prayers.