American Offshore. A true passion for the Offshore lifestyle.


What's our story?  Passion. 

American Offshore Inc. was founded in the summer of 2016 by Michael Bootle, an avid Offshore angler who grew his Offshore passion primarily off the coast of Charleston, SC.  His passion first began when he started fishing 50+ miles Offshore with his father, William T. Bootle, on their 1991 2300WA Hydra Sport named "RAMBLIN ROOSTER!"  Whether trolling top water for pelagics or bottom fishing the deep for snapper or grouper, Michael knew his passion was just Offshore.

A true Patriot, Michael served from 2010 to 2016 in the United States Coast Guard as an Avionics Electrical Technician in locations such as Key West, Miami, the Outer Banks, and Savannah.  One common theme for these duty stations?  They were on the coast!  Living on the shore allowed Michael to continue fueling his passion for Offshore fishing while serving on board Coast Guard Cutter Thetis, Air Station Miami, Aviation Technical Training Center, and Air Station Savannah. 

Now 25+ years after his first Offshore trip, his passion is stronger than ever with a drive to share his passion with other current and future Offshore adventurists.